‘Fade Out’ by Shima – An Enchanting Bilingual Music to Make the Society Groove on its Beats

‘Fade Out’ by Shima

Get a chance to groove on Japanese-American artist’s ethereal vocals swirling in sweet falsettos above the melody. Shima is a rising talent on the electro-pop scene. Born in Tokyo and currently residing in Los Angeles, Shima began her career as a J-pop star when she was a teen, in her 14. There were a lot of constraints and control on music that caused a hindrance in her creativity, but she wanted to explore other avenues in harmony to bring out her creativity to the world, while pursuing her passion. After completing her computer engineering in the USA, Shima became a software developer for a music tech company. She used to write and record songs in her spare time. Later on, she realised that her aspirations lay solely in making music. So, she took a leap and quit her full-time job and has never looked back.

Her passion as an artist, producer, and mixing engineer has achieved spellbinding success in a few years of her career. Known for her neon-tinted tracks are which are irresistibly fresh. She is talk of the town with yet another release – ‘Fade Out’.

Perfectly crafted for those late summer evenings, the buoyant and bright dance-dipped tracks are air with a catchy English and Japanese chorus that will excite and blow your mind. Tap your feet on her latest tracks and listen to Shima’s bilingual proficiency in flipping two languages across the verses.

When GrooveNexus asked her the inspiration behind the soon-to-be hit, she explains, “Fade Out is about being able to connect with someone on a truly mental level, without trivial factors such as appearance, social media following, material possessions and clout getting in the way. It is about drowning out all the noise to tune in on what’s actually important”.

A beautiful addition to her ever-growing discography, ‘Fade Out’ is Shima’s finest creation for society. It is officially aired on YouTube on 28th May 2021: SHIMA – Fade Out (Official Video)

Not just this, her dedication in music has turned around 390,000 streams on Spotify on her release – ‘Machine’.

Shima stands as a pillar of strength and encouragement and hopes to inspire young girls with similar dreams. A firm believer in ‘if you believe in yourself, you can do anything’ inspires many young artists in the music industry.

‘Fade Out’ is streaming across all platforms now. Have you heard it yet?

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