Apoorv Trippy’s “Desire” on GrooveNexus: Reflects Changing Notions of Romance


“Desire” is the latest release by the rapper Apoorv Trippy and singer Varsha Sharma. This melodious pop song is all set to release on 26th June. The track will premiere live on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus.

“Desire” marks a significant shift in musical repertoire as it delves into the realm of pure love songs. The track showcases a unique narrative perspective, with a girl serenading her beloved to win his heart.

The inspiration behind “Desire” stemmed from Apoorv Trippy’s desire to challenge the conventions of traditional love songs. Moreover, he wanted to break away from the norm where male artists usually express their love for their significant others through music. Trippy’s innovative twist introduces a refreshing perspective, as he presents a girl describing her feelings for the man she adores.

On Speaking with Apoorv Trippy:

Speaking about the song, Apoorv Trippy expressed his intention to captivate listeners with its love-filled tunes and distinctive sound.

He shared, “I always strive to bring a fresh sound to my audience, and with “Desire,” I wanted to create something truly unique that would resonate with a wider audience.”

Trippy’s dedication to delivering a fresh and engaging experience promises to leave listeners hooked.

Says Rhytmic Sam on Collaboration with Apoorv Trippy:

Collaborating with Apoorv Trippy on “Desire” is music producer Rythmic Sam, who has worked tirelessly to create a groovy and melodic composition.

Sam stated, “I feel and believe that our audience will love this song as we have tried something new from our side. As a music producer, I have endeavoured to make the track sound both groovy and melodic simultaneously.”

A Message from Varsha Sharma: The Voice of The Change

Joining Trippy and Sam in this musical endeavour is the talented singer Varsha Sharma, known for her trendsetting classical performances and collaborations with renowned artists.

Sharma expressed her excitement, saying, “People, we will take you higher through this song,” hinting at the captivating energy that ‘Desire’ promises to deliver.

About The Creator: Apoorv Trippy

Apoorv Trippy has been involved in the music industry for the past eight years and has written songs for mainstream artists like Ashok Mastie and TV actress Reem Shaikh. Also, he has an extensive catalogue of songs available on YouTube and various audio streaming platforms. ‘Desire’ serves as a testament to Trippy’s artistic evolution and his commitment to creating music that resonates with a diverse audience.

Behind The Scenes of “Desire”:

About GrooveNexus

The story of ‘Desire’ began in 2015 when Rythmic Sam, an aspiring teenager eager to explore the music world, embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Also, inspired by renowned artist Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sam aspired to create a song with his rap verses. Dissatisfied with the music produced during his early attempts, he ventured into music production and found his calling in FL Studio. Since then, Sam has honed his skills, producing hundreds of beats. In 2020, Sam had the opportunity to collaborate with Apoorv Trippy, leading to their first official collaboration, ‘Desire.’ Also, the duo hopes the track’s success will pave the way for more exceptional releases.

At GrooveNexus, we believe in nurturing and empowering emerging artists, allowing them to gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Our platform is a launchpad for talented musicians to showcase their unique styles, genres, and artistic visions.

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More About The Team Desire:

Directed by Moin, the music video for ‘Desire’ features Apoorv Trippy as the primary artist, while Varsha Sharma and Rythmic Sam in supporting roles.

Team Desire:

  • Song name – Desire
  • Song Genre- Pop
  • Singer – Apoorv Trippy
  • Featuring Singer (if any) – Varsha Sharma
  • Lyricist – Apoorv Trippy
  • Composer – Apoorv Trippy
  • Music producer – Rythmic Sam
  • Video director – Moin
  • Producer – Apoorv Trippy
  • Primary artist – Apoorv Trippy
  • Featuring artist (in the video) – Varsha Sharma & Rythmic Sam

Moreover, with its enchanting lyrics and infectious melodies, ‘Desire’ encapsulates the essence of infatuation and the burning passion that love ignites. Apoorv Trippy’s foray into the realm of pure love songs, combined with the remarkable musical contributions of Rythmic Sam and Varsha Sharma, promises to make ‘Desire’ an instant favourite among music enthusiasts. Also, prepare to be enchanted by the intoxicating charm of ‘Desire’ as it takes you on a mesmerizing journey of love and desire.

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