Unveiling “Bloody Hands” by K9, Pallavi Talwar, and Rv Panesar

Bloody Hands

If you’re a music enthusiast with an affinity for captivating tunes and beats-provoking lyrics, then “Bloody Hands” is a song that undoubtedly caught your attention.

Inspiration Behind the Song

“Bloody Hands” was made with a combination of creativity and motivation. Two people with big ideas, K9 and RV Panesar, were creating ideas for new projects at their studio. Their ears were tuned to the beats of foreign songs, and they could pick up on the different vibes they gave off. They noticed that the music was simple, making them feel something profound. Inspired by this idea, they set out to make a piece of music with few sounds but a powerful atmosphere. RV Panesar carefully put together the beat, and the words grew out of the beat, making a perfect blend of artistic skill.

A Symphony of Creativity

“Bloody Hands” proves how powerful creation can be in its purest form. To make this song, the artists only thought about how to use their artistic energy. There were no expensive settings or props used. Instead, the song’s evolution was driven by the spirit of creativity itself. This steadfast commitment to the creative process is at the heart of “Bloody Hands.”

Know Team Bloody Hands:

  • Song name – Bloody Hands
  • Singer – K9
  • Featuring Singers- Pallavi Talwar, Rv Panesar
  • Genre – Trap
  • Lyricist - K9 & Rv Panesar
  • Composer - K9
  • Music director – Rv Panesar
  • Producer – Rv Panesar
  • Female Lead – Amrit Kaur

Lyrics of the Song

Jehde Billo Murre Tere Khange Hoye Aa
Assi Jutti Diya Noka Utte Tange Hoye Aa
Jehde Shehar Tere Billo Rehnde Geddi Marde
Sade Paira Di Thalo Oh Lange Hoye Aa

Artists Biography

Rv Panesar (Ranvir Singh) Throughout his 8-year career in the music industry, Rv Panesar has made a name for himself as a music producer, lyricist, and musician. GrooveNexus Records released a hit with him called “Pta ni Kyo,” his follow-up, “Tere Naalo Sohna,” is much awaited. A rising celebrity is portrayed by Rv Panesar’s commitment to his art and his undying love of music.

Karanjeet Singh (K9) is a multitalented performer who has made a name for himself in the music business. K9 has been a shining star in the music industry for more than 13 years. He is a unique musician in his ability to evoke strong feelings in his listeners through his songs. As the mind behind “Bloody Hands,” K9’s life story exemplifies his commitment to creativity.

Pallavi Talwar, an entertainment industry veteran of over eight years, has established herself as a talented vocalist and news anchor. Her one-of-a-kind flair and evident talent make her an intimidating opponent.

Supporting the Symphony of Creativity

As this musical journey goes on, the artists ask you to come along for the ride. Your support feeds their passion and allows them to write more captivating pieces that touch the soul. Show your gratitude by getting caught up in the magic they’ve made. Let’s get together to celebrate how well “Bloody Hands” shows how skill and creativity can work together.

“Bloody Hands” has been released and is available on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus Records.

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