Alesso releases Marshmello & James Bay – ‘Chasing Stars’ VIP

Alesso releases ‘Chasing Stars VIP

Returning to his progressive house genre style., this latest mix helps to amplify the original melodic sound of the track, and in turn, the Swede dance-floor banger music!    

The original song will be a follow-up to ‘PROGRESSO VOL 2,’ a two-track song released worldwide in early June 2021. This would then be the second song in a series that began in the year 2019, where Alesso released ‘PROGRESSO VOLUME 1,’ and this time round he blessed fans with the releases of two amazing bangers tracks in the form of ‘Again.’ and ‘Together’.   

Producing a song with James Bay and Marshmello allowed fans to experience crazy music like no other, as ‘Chasing Stars’ would go on to mass millions of views and impact the audience in many different meaningful ways.    

After a few months later, Alesso will once again prove to be best in his presence within the music industry scene, as this VIP Mix will only help increase the song’s original success.   

Check out Alesso’s VIP Mix for ‘Chasing Stars’ now, modifying the original song; Alesso modified this song to a new and different dimension, with his unique signature unique sound. It Set to be played at music festivals and premiere clubs all around the world, Let’s see how this track will go on in the future and hit new milestones. 

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