• 09 Aug
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Alessia Cara’s new song “Feel You"

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll will launch this new upcoming TV series “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” later this year, which follows by a story of a young woman named Elle who wakes up in (LA) Los Angeles in 2032 with zero memories but with all the willpower and to take revenge from the people who misguided her as well as find her own identity.  

Cara sings over a mysterious, heart-thumping melody that This little light she found/ Take it in and breathe it out/ A little drum that’s beating loud/ In her chest. Then it suddenly turns into an amazing percussion-driven electro-pop beat track.  

producer Michael Hodges and Cara co-wrote “Feel You Now,” song which soundtracks the animated TV series “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” opening title sequence. The song will be released soon by PM/Def Jam Recordings.  

Cara told this in an official statement that she is so thrilled and excited to be part of this TV show “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” in any way, but she is especially excited to have been able to write and sang this song for the series,” that she had made something really amazing that will be always attached to a TV show forever as legendary song and innovative in every way as this one feels super fulfilling and compliments to web series. She wrote this amazing song with writer Michael Hodges remotely from her home over the course of the pandemic period, which is why the lyrics of the song ‘feel you now’ feel so striking to our minds. They both felt like the song always struck the right nerve in mind and they are so glad the Blade Runner team was on the same wavelength. as of song”  

Micheal Hodges told that this song “feel you” felt like a breath of pure air mixed with a small hope of inner feeling connected again to the people. Although he understands Blade Runner at its deepest levels and the nostalgia it encompasses, Alessia and her amazing collaborators on this song (co-writers Ghian Wright, Kayla Morrison, and Gerald Trottman) all felt like the real message of this song is really connected to the current state of mind of people and Elle’s as well.  

The song will release soon. 

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