Sikandar Drops ‘Alcohol’ ft. Model Mrigangi Namdev on GrooveNexus Records!

alcohol by sikandar

Sikandar, the renowned RnB Pop artist based in New Delhi, has unveiled his latest creation, “Alcohol,” a captivating track that seamlessly fuses the elements of UK Drill and RnB Pop genres. The track is set to be released on GrooveNexus’ official YouTube channel, GrooveNexus Records on 20th August.

Inspired by the thriving UK Drill scene, Sikandar embarked on a journey to create a composition that would not only resonate with fans but also stand out as a remarkable addition to the music industry. “Alcohol” digs into the modern dynamics of relationships, with Sikandar lyrically portraying a scenario where he tries to evade the allure of a woman’s advances, drawing an analogy between her captivating beauty and the enchanting effects of alcohol.

Sikandar, also known as Abhinandan Nath Chatterjee, shared his creative process for the track, stating, “When I started working on the music for ‘Alcohol,’ I had no idea what the outcome would be. It was like a burst of inspiration. The melody hit me out of nowhere, and I knew I had something special in my hands and within a short span of time, the entire song was born. The artist revealed that the first verse of the song flowed effortlessly, and after a week of contemplation, the rest of the lyrics came pouring out, resulting in a powerful and catchy composition that immediately caught his attention.

Meet team – Alcohol:

Song Name – Alcohol
Genre- Drill
Singer – Sikandar
Lyricist – Sikandar
Composer – Sikandar
Music Director- Sikandar
Producer- Sikandar Termz
Featuring Artist- Mrigangi Namdev

Collaboration played a pivotal role in bringing “Alcohol” to life. Sikandar joined forces with talented individuals who shared his artistic vision. Notably, Mrigangi Namdev, a striking female model, was approached for the song’s video. Her enthusiastic response upon hearing the song underscores its universal appeal. “When she heard the song for the first time, she was immediately on board. Her excitement and connection with the song were palpable, and I feel privileged to have such an amazing artist feature in the ‘Alcohol’ music video,” Sikandar shared.

Sikandar’s unique blend of RnB Pop and UK Drill sensibilities, combined with Mrigangi Namdev’s captivating presence, promises to make “Alcohol” a standout addition to the contemporary music scene. As Sikandar continues to redefine musical boundaries, this collaboration paves the way for a new era of artistic exploration.

“Alcohol” is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing music enthusiasts worldwide to experience the magic of Sikandar’s genre-blending artistry. Prepare to be captivated by the intoxicating allure of “Alcohol” as it takes you on a musical journey like no other.

Watch Here:

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