Album Charlie is the Most ‘Me’ Music Ever, says Charlie Puth 

Album Charlie is the Most Me Music Ever says Charlie Puth

Ahead of the release of his upcoming album Charlie, singer-songwriter Charlie Puth said the songs have been written “in the spirit of telling the truth, and it’s the most’ me’ music ever.” 

Speaking at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Charlie Puth revealed how Elton John inspired him to make the most truthful music of his life. At the popular TV show to perform his latest hit ‘Light Switch,’ Puth shared an incident when he met Elton John, who criticized his music. 

“The most important thing you can do, for all the songwriters watching this, it’s important, to tell the truth when you write a song. I wasn’t really doing that in 2019. The person who awoken my sense was none other than Elton John,” Puth told Ellen. 

Puth recalled meeting with Elton John at the famous West Hollywood restaurant, Craig’s, where the Rocketman told him, “You know, your music sucked in 2019. It wasn’t good.” 

Puth said Elton John’s words were a “wake-up call” and decided to make more truthful music. 

“I was going through a messy breakup, and I think that was also going alongside it. It was kind of a wake-up call. I was in denial a little bit. Then, the whole world shut down, and I was able to sit with my new way of making music and just decided I would never put out a song again if it weren’t the truth,” Puth revealed. 

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