Things Millenials Do Before Attending a Popular Music Festival

Things Millenials Do Before Attending a Popular Music Festival

Things millennials do before attending a popular music festival

The days leading up to attending a popular music festival can be anxiety-and-excitment filled at the same time, espcially if it is our first. Each day we wake up with the thought of it, counting down the hours and minutes. Nobody understands the excitement that one goes through to see their favorite artists just a li’l distance away. The only thought running through your mind is all the fun and music-filled days ahead. Haven’t we all been through these ‘can’t contain the excitement’ situations. Therefore, here is a compiled a list of things millennials undergo while ticking a popular music festival off their bucket list.

1. Asking for parents’ permission  

Begging you

Been here, done that! While, gearing for a popular music festival, getting your parents’ permission seems like the biggest hurdle. You need to prepare for it in advance, at least a month in advance. A must follow guideline is not staying out too late, eating your meals on time, making sure you’re seen studying at least thrice a day, scoring a good score if there’s a test, so on and so forth. In short, you become the best version of yourself, a good boy or girl. Then comes the day when in actuality you seek permission; mind you, it requires 5-6 business days to at least bring them to hear what you have to say.

2. Day dreaming about what’s going to happen at the festival

day dreaming

We all have been there, the thought of going to a music festival, and having a fun-filled weekend gives us a happy rush. And we can’t control but day dream about the beautiful venue and all the fun that is to follow. Not to mention, making those memories that are not to be disclosed to parents. Of course not, who wants to be grounded after all!             

3. Discussing the trip with your friends

discussing trip

The number of messages per hour increases with each passing day. Packing is always left out for the last day, but mind listing of to-do list continues to increase. And lastly, there is always a twist, as just before leaving, someone or the other bails out.

4. Cheap Lodging

cheap hangout

By the end of it, it all congregates into one giant party where you can’t make out one day from the other, and you get no time to crash in your hotel room because you are so busy dancing your feet out. Knowing, you won’t be using be using the hotel room, it is needless to spend three thousand bucks. Therefore, what’s essential is to find a place near to the festival location which is cheap and serves our purpose of sleep.

5. Going big on shopping


When it comes to a music festival, everybody wants to dress their best or bring out their hippie side. From deciding outfits for all the days to the perfect bag pack, perfect and comfortable shoes, energy snacks, junk accessories, and the list goes on.

6. Watching the previous years Aftermovie, on repeat


Before making it to the festival, we all want to grab a bite of what that festival gifts its spectators. From the artists who had performed to the kind of music played, to the best hangout spots, to know where to find what, to the vibes and visitors, one wants to know it all. Everything to make the best out of the time spent.

7. To memorize all the songs by the headliners

memorizing the song

Obviously got to sing along and show ‘em that you’re the biggest fan ever. Also, you don’t want to be the one constantly asking, “Hey what song is that?” This question is the most annoying during a concert.

8. Worrying about how many times you will have to sacrifice personal hygiene

hygenic place

Heading to a festival is like saying goodbye to basic human hygiene demands, like a clean bathroom or anything clean, for that matter. If you’re lucky enough, the bathrooms won’t be filled with drunk roisterers puking all over the place. Expecting to have an intact hygiene environment is far from possible.

9. Instagram Post


In the age, where social media rules the world, everybody makes sure they create a perfect image of their life online. So, going on a vacay or a music festival gives us an opportunity to shine. There is a lot that goes in for a perfect Instagram post, from deciding the background to the perfect angle, and lighting, and filters, and caption, and hashtags, and, the and doesn’t seem to end.

10. One word of terror: Packing 


Packing is the most terrorizing part, especially for girls. No matter how many days you take, you are always confused about the outfits you want to carry, in case you feel like mixing it up a little bit, an apocalypse takes place. It’s just a lot of thinking that’s involved ‘Where is that cute top that I bought three years ago; it would be perfect for now, can’t find it, mom!’

Now that you know what all we millennials go through, why not check out the list of festivals that you must attend. Find it here.

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