Martin Jensen and Jay Sean team up to kick off 2023 with feel-good single ‘Days Like This’

Martin Jensen and Jay Sean team up to kick off 2023 with feel-good single ‘Days Like This’

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Martin Jensen has continued to lead the electronic music landscape with his feel-good, popular productions, which have amassed billions of plays. From smash hits including ‘Solo Dance’ and ‘At Least I Had Fun,’ over to collaborations with names including Alok, Jason Derulo, and Cheat Codes, and a prestigious role as one of X Factor Denmark’s landmark judges, he now teams up with Jay Sean for ‘Days Like This.’  

Jay Sean is one of the most significant names in British music that has continued to push boundaries since the early noughties. As the first Asian artist in history to have Billboard #1 in America, he was also the first Asian-British artist to have two simultaneous top 10 Billboard singles. With colossal anthems including ‘Down’ featuring juggernaut Lil Wayne and further collaborations with names including Hardwell and Sean Paul, Jay Sean’s stylistic and chameleon-like ability to adapt across genres stands testament to the effective pop-dance hybrid here on ‘Days Like This.’ 

A simmering house beat – co-produced alongside Sean Cook, who has also collaborated with names including Imanbek – is enforced with synths that fly high and a bold yet effervescent melody. As “No one can f*ck with me on days like this” soars across the defining message of the chorus, it mutates into bold dancefloor territory. 

Jay Sean’s comfortable delivery is rich with pop dominance and has a key-heavy presence throughout the upbeat and assured verses. Martin Jensen’s distinctive production style, which is vibrant and exhilarating, provides the ideal base for lift-off. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Martin Jensen said: “Jay Sean has inspired so much of the music industry and is continuing to do so to this day. It’s an honor getting to work with him on ‘Days Like This’ and I cannot wait to see if all his and my listeners will love it just as much as we do.” 

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