Very close to being a full-on scandal, Mariah Carey on wardrobe malfunction

Very close to being a full-on scandal, Maria Carey on wardrobe malfunction

Photo Credit: Mariah Carey’s Official Instagram Page @mariahcarey

During a recent performance in New York City, Mariah Carey encountered a wardrobe malfunction. On Monday night in New York City, one of the We Belong Together singer’s dress straps came off mid-performance at a Moet & Chandon event.

Onstage, members of her makeup crew mended the dress as Mariah performed a freestyle song, making fun of the circumstance. She posted an explanation of what transpired on Twitter following the performance.

Mariah Carey captioned the video, “Dress malfunction or on-stage improv? How about both!”

“My gosh, it was very, very close to being a full-on scandal, but we made it work. This part broke – came untethered, I should say – but we got it back, and everybody was super professional. It is what it was; it’s nothing great… But let me just tell you this – we made it,” she said in a video, pointing to the part of her dress that was fixed by the crew. 

Mariah Carey is now preparing for the debut of Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to All, her CBS holiday spectacular. The special will debut on December 20.

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