‘Light it up’ out on all music streaming platforms today

Light it up

Sykik Sensei’s debut single, ‘Light it up’ is now available on all music streaming platforms and we don’t want you to miss out! The YouTube release is lined up for next week on GrooveNexus Records, the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus. Here’s everything you need to know about this eclectic mix and the brains behind the masterpiece, Sykik Sensei aka Yashodhan Srivastava.

Characterized by pumping bass and hard-hitting drums, Light it up belongs to a genre called Bigroom. Talking about the song, Yashodhan says, “I have loved this genre since I was 14 and really wanted to incorporate sounds from diverse Indian cultures. Light it up therefore has elements of sitar, flute, and Indian percussions. It represents sounds close to me and recreates the energy of a festival track.”

He further goes on to tell us, “The bassline that you hear in the song has been revised and mixed at least 10 times to ensure that it delivers that nice thump when it travels from the speaker to your eardrum.”

Engineer during the day, and an artist by night, Yashodhan Srivastava is a 2021 graduate from the Delhi Technological University who works as an engineer full-time. However, he likes to stay in touch with his creative side and thus produces music as a side hustle.

Yashodhan’s interest in music sparked at the age of 10 and his playlist is heavily influenced by music from the early 2000’s. He started DJing using computer software during his childhood and got his hands on learning music production in college. Being an Electronics’ engineer by profession, he finds the overlap of concepts between his curriculum and audio engineering extremely fascinating. He describes making music as meditation for himself as it makes him happy and keeps him going!

Details of the release

Streaming on: All music streaming platforms 

YouTube release on: July 8th, 2022, Friday

Releasing exclusively on: GrooveNexus Records 

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