Warner Music India signs singer King to its roster of artists

Warner Music India signs singer King to its roster of artists

Photo Credit: Warner Music India via PR Newswire

King, a well-known Indian singer and entertainer, joins Warner Music India’s prestigious roster of artists. To kick off this cooperation, Warner Music India laid out a comprehensive plan and vision for King up to 2027 earlier this year.

WMI recently released Champagne Talk, his third studio album, which included eight tracks. Since then, each song from the album has topped global charts and social media. WMI’s enormous fan following continues to expand daily (from 2 million to over 11.5 million monthly Spotify listeners).

King has established himself in the Indian pop music market in less than three years, and he is currently on his way to setting records and becoming well-known worldwide. His contemporary love song “Maan Meri Jaan” from Champagne Talk set all-time daily Spotify records for an Indian song.

The first non-film Hindi pop music to ever reach the Top 50 on Spotify’s Global Daily Top Songs debuted on the Global Billboard Charts at #138 last week and still dominates the foreign markets today. He even created a remix for his catchy song “OOPS” with Masked Wolf from the trending chart-topper “Astronaut in the Ocean” fame.

“Warner Music India is not just a label that represents me; they are like my family. From Day 1, the WMI team, led by Jay Mehta, has shown utmost faith in me and my music, and I am looking forward to all the exciting things we have in store. I want to thank the whole team for understanding my vision and working together to bring this new wave of music to the world,” Kind said about the collaboration.

King has replaced the most recent Bollywood sensation, Kesariya, at the top of the Spotify Daily Top Songs India chart with “Maan Meri Jaan,” continuing to rule in India. Since the song’s debut in October, more than 100 million audio streams have been made of it on DSPs.

King’s clever, often brutally honest lyricism and flow and his lighthearted, 90s-inspired tunes connect with the listener on a level that goes beyond simply listening. King has observed the “Maan Meri Jaan” phenomenon that unifies his fans while on his current India tour.

Jay Mehta, Managing Director, Warner Music India and SAARC, stated: “One of the goals that we had set for ourselves was to create a truly global superstar coming out of India, and now with the signing of King, a very versatile and sought-after musical performer, on Warner Music India’s roster, we are on our way to turning it into reality. His talent and music reflect his rooted personality and his artistic abilities to transcend the expected. Champagne Talk is a stimulating showcase of King’s talent and an exhilarating sound that we have not heard in a long time.”

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