Kice Continues 2022 Momentum With Energy-Doused Cut ‘Let’s Move On’

Lets move on

Not long after releasing his effervescent piano-house single “Stuck With You,” Kice is preparing to march into the summer season with one of his most intoxicating productions yet, “Let’s Move On.”

“Commemorating the brighter days, we’ve all been waiting for after a seemingly hopeless couple of years, the slick new cut exemplifies the Chicago-based DJ’s knack for crafting an unequivocally positive, feel-good tune. “Let’s Move On” is an endlessly playable showstopper with a dance-infused flair,” a press release stated.

From explosive tech-house weapons “Pusher,” to emotional piano house tracks like “Stuck With You,” to entrancing organic electronica like “Bailar,” Kice refuses to fit his production style into one box.

“Let’s Move On” immediately kicks off with an ambient vocal cut followed by an eruptive piano riff that flows throughout the track’s entirety. Bursting with energy from start to finish, the high-octane tune infiltrates the eardrums, transporting listeners to a euphoric soundscape. Having already garnered support from numerous tastemakers and curators, “Let’s Move On” proves to be another anthemic addition to the award-winning DJ and producer’s stellar discography.

Kice’s production capabilities, scintillating sound design, and unwavering drive keep the dance floor ablaze, leaving club-goers and dance music fans alike enraptured with what the talent will decide to master next.

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