K-Pop Star AleXa Wins Inaugural American Song Contest

K Pop Star AleXa Wins Inaugural American Song Contest

AleXa has won the inaugural American Song Contest, an eight-week event that ended on Monday. The inaugural event showcased 56 artists representing a US state, territory, or Washington, DC. The grand finale of the American Song Contest pitted 10 singers against each other from America’s states and territories for the title of Best Original Song.

Representing her home state of Oklahoma, AleXa performed ‘Wonderland.’ She beat the likes of Michael Bolton (Connecticut), Grant Knoche (Texas), Chloe Fredericks (North Dakota), Tenelle (American Samoa), Tyler Braden (Tennessee), Jordan Smith (Kentucky), Riker Lynch (Colorado), Ni/Co (Alabama), and Allen Stone (Washington).

For the final, 56 jurors were divided among ten geographic sections. Contestants received the top mark of 12 points, with other points from 10 down to 1 being awarded to the singers.

Oklahoma received 656 points plus 60 jury points to top the charts with 710 points. Meanwhile, Ryker Lynch finished second with 503 points.

“I was a little nervous after the jury vote, but knowing how the point system works out, I was holding hands with my mother and father, praying so hard for my dreams to come true. Fortunately, they did, and I was lucky enough to win this competition,” AleXa told Billboard after her victory.

AleXa said it was a “very emotional experience” after the results were announced.

“It felt like my brain exploded because my mother was holding onto my arm, and she was crying and shaking, so I cried with her. It was a very emotional experience. Sharing that moment with my team and all the ASC friends in the crowd meant the world to me,” she said.

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