BTS Fans celebrate Jungkook’s birthday in Mumbai

This 24-year-old talented guy has won hearts worldwide. All the BTS Army in India went out to celebrate the birthday of the pop sensation and make it a memorable one.  

Jungkook’s posters are featured on busses in Mumbai, as part of a “birthday project.” Fans have rented billboards to show their love for Jungkook. The pictures on the billboard flex also contained QR codes for Jungkook’s major solo hit song ‘My Time,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘Still with You’ from various band albums.  

This is the first time India, it has seen such large-scale birthday celebrations for a K-pop band member Jungkook,   

In many countries like South Korea and China, BTS is already popular there; many special arrangements are made to celebrate the birthday of Jungkook. On the Han River in the South Korean capital of Seoul, A custom-themed cruise ship will sail and Jungkook will be the first star to have his illumination show, along with his own custom-themed cruise ship parade in the capital.  

In Busan, where Jungkook was born, fans will be organising a massive promo event at Haeundae touristic zone ‘Blueline Park’ in the city.   

Jungkook is marked as one of BTS’s most popular and talented musicians due to his amazing singing voice and his most helpful nature. He has often been seen helping his bandmates and other people, staff, and fans at various venues. The videos of Jungkook helping people goes viral many times, which always makes him more generous among his fans.  

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