Joziah’s New Release “She Wanna Party”

Joziah’s New Release “She Wanna Party”

Joziah is a Guyanese music artist, and he’s back with another hip-hop single this summer. “She Wanna Party” is no less than a banger and it might be his best one till date. When GrooveNexus asked about his inspiration for the song, he elaborates, “The idea of the song came from the phrase ‘Girls Just Wanna have Fun’, but I wrote it in such a way that everyone enjoys it. Be it a boy or a girl”.

He grew up in a small town called New Amsterdam and wanted to become successful from a very young age. He was very fond of reggae and dancehall since his childhood, resulting in a natural rhythm that he developed, which further flourished as he discovered genres like rap, hip-hop, old school, and soul. It polished his voice and made him the groove master.

In his teenage years, he went to New York, realized the endless opportunities in music, and finally started making his own music. The inspiration came from his heart, and he gained a loyal fan base that anticipates all his new singles. With his track ‘No Pressure’, he got almost 80,000 streams on Spotify and is very close to achieving what he wanted since childhood. His originality and cool sense of style are what made him what he is today. Joziah is an artist who should be in your playlist.

His new single ‘She Wanna Party’ comes with a fresh chunky bassline and 808s staggered along with his cheeky delivery and ballsy bars that add a fantastic flair to the song. It’s a track that you should blast out on your speakers and soak yourself in the relaxed, breezy vibe of the song.

“She Wanna Party” released on 21st May 2021. Listen to the single on Spotify here:

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