Jonas brothers’ legendary performance at Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony


When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics came to closing, the Jonas Brothers gave a perfect performance for the special occasion with their upbeat major hit single “Remember This.”  

As this legendary band played, a montage of highlights and multiple snippets from the Olympics simultaneously played over the Jonas brothers singing from a rooftop there. It had been broadcast on NBC multiple times as a part of the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  

“Used to wish for a flash a bit like this / there is a fire in your eyes I cannot resist / Baby, we’re gonna wanna remember this / Baby, we’re gonna wanna remember this,” they sang. “I can taste the forever on your lips / there is a lifetime livin’ inside that kiss / Baby, we’re gonna wanna remember this / Baby, we’re gonna wanna remember this.”  

On Instagram, Nick Jonas shared the snippets of their legendary performance by congratulating Team USA. “What an honor…” he wrote. “Our performance of ‘Remember This (NBC Olympics Edition)’ just aired as a part of the Closing Ceremony on NBC!! We are so pleased with you, Team USA. Let’s get it!! #TokyoOlympics”  

Kevin twitted and added, “A moment I’ll never forget.”  

Recently, in an NBC special that premiered on July 21, the Jonas Brothers competed in their own personal Olympic games, participating in fields of the track, gymnastics, and BMX biking. During BMX participation, Nick Jonas got his ribs cracked but fortunately managed to recover very fast. So, no winner was announced due to the injury, but Nick got a gold medal in gymnastics while Kevin won medals in hurdles.  

The Jonas Brothers are ready to hit the tour, with special guests and amazing country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini. Their first live performance will start on August 20 in Theater, Las Vegas Park. The performances of the Jonas brothers are always legendary. Let’s see how’s 2021 will make new things happen for them. 

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