Klik’s Jim Casey & Dasinu’s Hans Soeteman team-up for NONSTRUCK

Klik's Jim Casey & Dasinu's Hans Soeteman team-up for NONSTRUCK

Bassist and Producer Jim Casey has collaborated with the Dutch Hans Soeteman for NONSTRUCK. Hans Soeteman is best known in The Netherlands for his great progressive rock band Dasinu. Jim Casey is best known for Rolling Stone Magazine’s Hottest unsigned band Klik.

Jim Casey was listening to music on the internet and heard a fantastic track. He immediately found out how to contact the artist and asked if he could leave a prominent spot in the middle for a bass solo the next time, he made a track.

About a month later, the guitarist/producer Hans Soeteman sent Casey a track called SWAMP with ample space in the middle! Casey placed a dynamic bass solo there, and it’s on their new collaboration NONSTRUCT, which is now available on music streaming platforms.

This is a transatlantic collaboration between Soeteman in The Netherlands and Casey in America. The two have never spoken, never Zoomed, only emails and track parts copied into their shared Dropbox. The two have such great chemistry it must be telepathic.

 This album is a high-energy display of their new style of music they call “Groove Rock Fusion;” think Funk meets Progressive Rock. There are giant-sized helpings of lip-curling bass groove and astronomic shredding in eight original tracks.

 This music is different from what you want to listen to when you want to relax. You will find it hard to sit still while you listen! 

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