History of Bella Ciao – La Casa De Papel

History of Bella Ciao – La Casa De Papel

We all have heard the famous song “Bella Ciao” from one of the most popular and most-watched non-English series on Netflix, Money Heist. The Money Heist Bella Ciao song became an instant hit as soon as it hit the ears of the audiences. The Bella Ciao artist Manu Pilas sung the song that went viral on social media and was trending on many digital platforms. Everybody started loving the song and associated it with the lead character of the show ‘Professor’. The Bella Ciao artist received a lot of praise and recognition because it got featured in Money Heist. But do you know there’s more to this song than just being the Money Heist song Bella Ciao?

The history of the Bella Ciao song goes to 1943 as in those times. Bella Ciao original song was used as a folk song by Italians to protest. The popular song Bella Ciao meaning Goodbye Beautiful, has its socio-political roots, which not many people talk about or acknowledge. The song was originated in the 19th century as the song of resistance and was known as the anti-fascist anthem in Italy from 1943-1945. Italian partisans used to sing this song as a sign of resistance to protest against the German Nazis forcefully trying to occupy Italy.

Even during the Italian civil war, the song Bella Ciao was also used as Italian partisans struggled to fight the fascist Italian Social Republic and their German Nazi allies. In the latter 19th century as well, the women peasants in Po Valley who worked in hazardous conditions and very low wages, who worked under brutal supervisors with canes in their hands in Northern Italy used to sing this song as another form of resistance. The Bella Ciao lyrics changed when Italian partisans started singing, but the feeling of resistance remained the same. In the late 19th century, Mondina workers also protested to harsh working conditions. in paddy fields by singing the Italian folk song that we today know as Money Heist Bella Ciao.

Since then, there have been many iterations of the popular song, and many different versions emerged on social media of the same. Bella Ciao song artists have received worldwide recognition for this song. People have made their own versions of the global hit and the song was even heard in the protests of CAA-NRC in India. In the #OccupyGateway protest gathering, people were heard singing new Bella Ciao lyrics that were written according to the CAA protests. The Bella Ciao original song was also sung as a rallying cry for activists in Catalonia, anti-Brexit protests and the Yellow Vest movement in France. The song perfectly describes the feeling of power of resistance and its ability to transform across different cultures.

The most-awaited and new season of Money Heist will be releasing in two parts with first part releasing in September and the final part in December on Netflix. Till then you can listen to the song Bella Ciao from Netflix original soundtrack below:

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