Harry Styles pauses Cardiff gig to accommodate pregnant fan’s bathroom break 

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The renowned Grammy-winning artist Harry Styles demonstrated his considerate nature during his recent performance at Principality Stadium in Cardiff. The pop sensation halted his electrifying show to accommodate a pregnant woman, ensuring she could use the restroom without missing any part of his world tour.

During a brief intermission, Styles spotted Sian and her partner Elliot in the crowd after they tossed a cup onto the stage with the words “name our baby” inscribed. Taking notice of the couple’s request, the 29-year-old heartthrob graciously agreed to assist them.

Aware of Sian’s need to use the facilities, Styles decided to pause the entire concert until she returned. Addressing his devoted fans, he playfully proclaimed, “I think we all agree that it’s important that Sian goes for a wee, don’t we?”

In the interim, Styles engaged in conversation with the enthusiastic crowd, even discussing topics like a fan’s MOT. Once he spotted Sian making her way back to her spot, the charismatic performer took the opportunity to inquire further about her baby and the potential name options.

Turning to the audience for input, Styles presented four name choices suggested by Sian: Stevie, Harley, Rafe, and Caleb. He encouraged the crowd to participate and asked them to cheer for their preferred name. Among the options, Stevie garnered the loudest and most enthusiastic response.

Harry continues to win over crowds

Remarkably, this wasn’t the only fan interaction during the eventful concert. Another attendee held up a sign that read, “Harry, I’m gay, help me come out.”

Responding with his trademark wit, Styles jokingly replied to the fan, saying, “Alicia, I think you’ve just done it.”

In a symbolic gesture, he draped himself in a pride flag, a consistent symbol of support he brings to his performances.

Harry Styles continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his sold-out world tour. His next highly anticipated performance is scheduled for June 24 in Werchter, Belgium, where he will be joined by the talented opening act Wet Leg.

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