Emily Ricks, the Toy Story 3 star, releases her debut single


Photo Courtesy: Emily Ricks

Emily Ricks, the actress known for voicing the character “Bonnie” in the Oscar-winning film Toy Story 3, is releasing her debut single “First Friend” on February 14th (National Organ Donor Day). The song was written to honor her late childhood best friend, Nathan Rhoades, who passed away last year in a tragic car accident. “Nate was always one to help others, so it was no surprise to discover that all his organs were being donated to save other lives.”

The song and Nathan’s story have gone viral on Ricks’ TikTok account @imemilyricks and has amassed nearly 3 million views. With a classic and timeless acoustic-orchestral backdrop, Rick’s grief-inspired lyricism creates a world of deep vulnerability and inspiration through her storytelling in “First Friend.” All proceeds from the song will go towards “Nate’s Place,” a foundation started by Nate’s family to continue his legacy.

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About Emily Ricks

Emily Ricks is an emerging singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, who got her start in the entertainment industry at eight when she booked a lead role in the Oscar-winning film Toy Story 3 as the voice of “Bonnie.”

Ricks has gone on to work on many notable films and TV shows and has also been developing her music behind the scenes. Blending her gritty and honest lyrics with anthemic baselines and beats, Ricks has cultivated a music style she is finally ready to share with the world.

About Nate’s Place

Nate’s Place, A Wellness and Recovery Center, is a nonprofit organization that provides peer support recovery coaching and healthy replacement activities for teens and young adults at risk or recovering from drug addiction; founded to honor the life of local youth Nate Rhoades.

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