Embarrassing DJ Moments, because everybody makes mistakes!

Embarrassing DJ Moments, because everybody makes mistakes!

DJs are an integral part of a party, disco or a club. A DJ is someone that sets the mood of the dance floor and can make the whole crowd dance on his/her fingertips. But there are moments when luck leaves their side, and they end up being caught up in awkward and embarrassing moments. Well, here are the most embarrassing DJ moments for you:

1.    Kygo:

This incident happened when Kygo was performing at a festival in Stavanger, Norway. He was to play in front of a crowd of around 15,000 people. While DJ’ing, Kygo noticed that there was some problem with the CDJ for which he called his manager to check what was wrong with it. During this whole scene, the music completely stopped, leaving Kygo and with 15,000 people in silence. This for a DJ is quite embarrassing as the mood dips.

2.    Prince Fox

Prince Fox was performing at Lure Hollywood. There, he was about to close his set with the very popular remix of ‘Stay with Me’. He was about to make a drop so that he could make the crowd complete it. The crowd began to sing with him, and suddenly at the climax, a drunk girl who seemed to be very excited hit the stop button and the music stopped. The crowd was jumping when realized there was no music. He stood there in shock and embarrassment,. But soon he recovered from the shock and used his mic to backspin and began again. Therefore, this accounts as one of his most embarrassing DJ moments.

3.    Mako:

Logan Light and Alex Seaver as Mako had their first big performance at Coachella. All their friends and family members were there for support and to enjoy the big show. The crowd was huge and was ready to enjoy Mako. Both these super talented guys began with Pompeii remix and just at the first drop, Alex Seaver’s elbow hit the pause button. The whole Sahara tent was silent, and the crowd was jumping with excitement stopped. Logan started the music again in a frenzy, and the fans went back to dancing. Though it was an embarrassing moment for Mako, the crowd seemed to like it as they thought it was intentional and referred to it as the best moment of the show.

4.    Ghastly:

David Crow, popularly called Ghastly has plenty of embarrassing moments before he became one of the favorite DJs. In the beginning, when not very familiar with the usage of CDJs, he assumed that if he could produce from CDJs, he could become a DJ in no time. At this beginner level, Ghastly performed with Zomboy, Craze and 12th Planet. He did not know how to use the CDJs, so he experimented then and there on the venue. Not rich and having no one with decks, it was his only chance. He dragged his name through the mud before actually making it big.

If you guys know of any other embarrassing DJ moments, let us know in the comments section below. We would be happy to include them.

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