Drake postpones concerts in New York for the second time


Drake has once again postponed his live performances in New York. The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker had originally scheduled to perform at the Apollo Theater on November 11, but it was postponed days in advance so the rapper could grieve his friend Takeoff, who was shot and killed on November 1. The previously sold-out concerts will now be held on January 21 and 22.

But as of right now, according to a joint statement from Drake, SiriusXM, and Sound 42, the performances won’t happen until next year owing to “production delays that are just beyond our control.”

“After many difficult meetings and conversations trying to navigate these challenges, we are forced to make the unfortunate decision to push these shows out a little further to allow the necessary time for the work to be completed. These upcoming shows for SiriusXM are so incredibly special for us. If you are going to play the world-famous Apollo Theater, it has to be a world-class production,” a statement read.

Producers have been “working around the clock,” they said, to offer “the experience our fans deserve,” but it has been deemed that it isn’t now possible to carry out the original plan.

“The Apollo has been so incredibly gracious throughout this process, and we look forward to bringing a legendary show to this legendary stage. I’m excited to let all my people know that we’re working on something really special for you guys.

“They’re gonna be something different, something that I’ve never done before. Gonna be a highly interactive experience. My brothers will be there; it’s gonna be great to see y’all, hopefully, get a chance to speak with you [and] learn a little more about each other,” it added.

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