FKJ is an amazing source of creativity, says Dominic Bekaert 

FKJ is an amazing source of creativity says Dominic Bekaert

Dominic Bekaert, the Filipino-Belgian audio-visual director, has praised French music artist FKJ after the duo collaborated for the music video of the song “Greener.” Dominic Bekaert is known for restoring Filipino classics like “Maynila,” “Insiang,” “Batang West Side,” “Gengis Khan,” and others. In 2019, Bekaert co-founded an audio-visual studio, Zoopraxi Studio.

Bekaert spoke at length following the release of the “Greener” video and how it was like working with FKJ. The video was shot in the Philippines. The video also showcases the master guitar strumming of Carlos Santana.

“He is an amazing source of creativity and is very precise with what he wants. Throughout the process, we would discuss every little detail. It was a privilege to get an insight into his creative process and we learned a lot through this collaboration,” Bekaert told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle in an interview.

Bekaert further revealed that FKJ “built the concept” around the song, and “local landscapes inspired some of the moods” in the album.

“When we first heard the track we thought about the choices we make and how sometimes our other choice could’ve brought us more. So we wanted to play with the idea of a double. We discussed this with FKJ who built the concept around it. He wanted us to play with simple cinematic imagery. He had a clear vision of what he wanted it to look like so our job was to bring it to life and try to expand on his vision,” Bekaert said.

Bekaert added the idea behind “Greener” was to move away from the “effects-heavy” production.

“As a production company, we are moving away from highly cut and effects-heavy videos toward a more purified version where the images stand on their own to tell a story and not just affect you. As previously mentioned, this was our most collaborative project to date and we were really happy to be looking for the same kind of vibe for the video,” Bekaert concluded.

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