DGTL to hoast the worlds biggest online music festival

DGTL to hoast the worlds biggest online music festival

When: APRIL 11 & 12 2020, 14:00-23:00

These are tough times for festival lovers, artists, DJs, and organizations. Just as DGTL was set to kick off the festival season, everything collapsed. Based on the motto “we’re in this together” and out of pure love for house music, DGTL has organized an online alternative in record time.

DGTL was supposed to create history on 11 and 12 April 2020 with the first circularly organized festival. Coronavirus threw a spanner in the works, making the event at the NDSM docklands impossible.

However, it is not in the DNA of DGTL to throw in the towel. To ensure that both DGTL visitors and the people who weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket get through the Easter weekend in a festival mood, DGTL has organized the world’s largest online festival. Spread over multiple digital stages, DGTL will host the world’s largest online festival

Over two days anyone watching will be able to transform their living room into a festival area and at the same time maintain that all-important “social distance”. The organization would like to underline the fact that online visitors to DIGITAL DGTL will experience the festival from their quarantined homes and save their dance with friends for DGTL 2021. 

As befits a real festival, several stages are streamed simultaneously. In collaboration with video streaming partners NOMOBO and Absolut, DGTL allows visitors to switch between the various streams via digital.dgtl.nl.

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DGTL has approached their digital edition with as much attention to detail as they do their real festival, creating unique live content during the festival days, producing daily recaps and offering fans pre-event messages, Revolution talks and Q&As about sustainability throughout the weekend.

DGTL is already preparing for a full comeback in 2021 but this can only happen if the industry is healthy and this pandemic is brought under control worldwide.

This is why DGTL calls on all fans and viewers to make a donation to hospital Erasmus MC during the online edition to develop a vaccine and medicines to fight the coronavirus. #KeepDistanceStayDGTL

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