Humanitarian Help: Devo to raise funds for Ukrainian people and refugees 

Devo to Donate Song Revenue to Ukraine

Devo, the American band, has announced they would be making monetary contributions and donate the revenue from their song catalogue in April to organizations providing the much-needed help to the Ukrainian people and refugees. Ukraine has been under attack by Russia since February 24, 2022, with 3.1 million Ukrainians fleeing the country. The war has been considered the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II. Devo has also appealed to the music industry to join them in this humanitarian effort. 

Devo was formed in 1973 by two sets of brothers, the Mothersbaughs (Mark and Bob) and the Casales (Gerald and Bob), along with Alan Myers. The Ohio-based rock band gained popularity with its single “Whip It” in 1980. 

The fundraising will be reserved for Music Saves UA and World Central Kitchen. Music Saves UA is a non-profit fundraising project created to help the Ukrainian people. Meanwhile, World Central Kitchen (WCK) provides meals to those in need during climate and community crises. WCK has served one million meals to families across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. 

“Vladimir Putin’s rape of a sovereign nation, Ukraine, whose citizens are committed to democratic rule of law should not and cannot stand in the 21st Century,” Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale were quoted by billboard.com

“To help the victims of Putin’s unprovoked war, Devo will be donating these revenues from the licenses of our song catalog throughout the month of April. We invite our rights holder partners in masters and publishing matters to join us in doing the same. Further we encourage all successful recording artists to do something similar to help make this gesture reach critical mass,” the duo added. 

Music Saves UA representative Vlad Yaremchuk appreciated the move and thanked the music industry for “constant help” from the world of music and culture. 

“The whole team at Music Saves UA is incredibly grateful for all the donations and constant help and support from the world of music and culture,” Music Saves UA representative Vlad Yaremchuk said. 

“Our incredible team and dozens of volunteers who joined our cause are working 24/7 to provide supplies and aid via our humanitarian HQ in Kyiv. Every penny that reaches us is put to good use immediately, especially as we work to establish new centers on the Moldovian and Romanian borders for those fleeing. Every act of support is invaluable for us and we deeply appreciate it,” Yaremchuk added. 

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