Daddy Yankee Announces Retirement from Music

Daddy Yankee announces retirement from music with farewell tour 1

It’s a piece of heart-breaking news for the Daddy Yankee fans as the legendary artiste has made his formal retirement announcement from music. Daddy Yankee will release “Legendaddy,” his first album since 2012’s Prestige, on Thursday night and will launch a 41-day tour “La Última Vuelta” from August 10 to December 2 before bidding goodbye. La Última Vuelta, meaning the last lap or the last round, will see Daddy Yankee traveling to Portland, Oregon, Canada, Latin America, and Mexico City. 

“This career, which has been a marathon, at last I see the finish line. Today I announce formally my retirement from music by giving you my best production and my best concert tour,” Daddy Yankee posted a video on Instagram to communicate to his fans. 

“This genre, people tell me that I made it global, but it was you who gave me the key to open the doors to make this genre the biggest in the world,” the 45-year-old Puerto Rican star added. 

Daddy Yankee, also known as the King of Reggaeton, released his first album “No Mercy” in 1995 and came a long way, winning six Latin Grammy Awards. He put the reggaeton on the world map with chartbusters like Barrio Fino, Gasolina, Somos de Calle, Con Calma, and Despacito. 

“I always worked not to fail you, not to look for any problems, with a lot of discipline, to be able to inspire children to be leaders, to dream of growth, to not think about limitations, and to work for their families and their people,” the singer said. 

“In the neighborhoods where we grew up, most of us wanted to be drug dealers. Today, I go down to the barrios, and small villages and most of them want to be singers. That means a lot to me,” he concluded. 

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