Avicii’s debut album ‘True’ turns 8 years old

Aviciis debut album ‘True turns 8 years old

It released on 13th Sept, 2013, with 10 legendary songs included in the album. ‘True’ album changed the dance music industry so much as we knew it already. ‘True’ also carries a long story. Earlier the same year in the month “March”, Avicii get on the stage of Ultra Music Festival, Miami to announce his new song for his recent music album. Fans applauded in love and excitement as they knew the prefect time has finally come to hear his new art and expecting to be follow up to his hits “Seek Bromance.” and “Levels.” However, a little silence fell over the audience as Avicii stopped his set to bring out a live music band to premiere his new soul-inspired music project and blue-grass.  

The “that night” song would become popular in the world of electronic dance music scene as in starting Avicii received negative feedback from the audience and got loud boos. Many people in the audience did not understand the song. The sound of song was not the progressive style genre as many people had come to know about this. The silence goes up as Avicii released the first versions of “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.” song. Avicii took a hard risk that night that some thought was a career-ending move of his life. But just many other things in his music career, Avicii saw the great vision long ago before we could think of thinking about these.  

The album peaked major charts around the world, U.S. Billboard Dance Charts and four other major countries and have 14 top-ten placements, all while going multi-platinum in various countries. The leading single “Wake Me Up” has received 2 billion views on YouTube and 1.3 billion streams on Spotify. It introduced a new way to view electronic dance music at the time. Really Far beyond the reliance on high-powered music synths and virtual heavy kick drum sounds. Avicii pushed and invented a new definition for electronic dance music in industry.  

We can say that the risk that Avicii took finally paid off in the form of one of the best music albums in electronic dance music history. ‘True’ album leaves you with a different inner feeling after every song, and each song is different from the last song. Fusing music sounds of various genres that many musicians tried and felt impossible to do, Avicii created a new bright path for the next generation of music producers.  

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