Avicii‘s Latest Track “Tough Love” Released

Avicii‘s Latest Track “Tough Love” Released

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Avicii’s latest track, “Tough Love”, released on May 9, 2019, as a part of his posthumous album “TIM”. Tough Love is claimed to be the second track from Avicii’s posthumous album Tim, which was left as an almost entirely recorded third album by him. The first single “S.O.S.” released in April 2019.

The late EDM artist was awarded an honorary posthumous award at Sweden’s annual Grammy Gala in February. He reportedly committed suicide, in April 2018, by inflicting injuries with a broken wine bottle, consequently leading to his death.

The latest release is produced by the late artist Avicii, along with Vincent Pontare, and Salem Al Fakir (AKA Vargas & Lagola), who also worked with him on “Hey Brother”, “Without You”, and “Silhouettes”. The song Tough Love features vocals of Pontare’s wife, Swedish singer, and songwriter, Agnes.

“This one needs to be a duet. Coolest thing would be a real couple. Or a couple that have worked together enough to be almost considered a couple!”

Avicii had written in his notes while working on the track.

The new song features a melodious passage stirred by Avicii’s time spent studying the music of northwest India.

“Oddly enough, the Indian influences fit perfectly into a song we were working on, something that was so typical of Tim”

Wrote Vincent Pontare in an official statement.

We all know what a melodic genius he was. Tough Love was about 80% complete when Avicii died (behind-the-scenes video below).

DJ Tiësto has played his remix of Avicii’s new posthumous track ‘Tough Love’. Watch footage of the remix below.

TIM, the Album

Avicii left behind a host of heartbroken fans and a treasure of unreleased tracks. The songs of the album Tim were 75-80% complete, according to producer Albin Nedler. He is among the several Avicii collaborators working towards finishing the album. The New York Times claims that TIM will have a plethora of sounds, from Arabian to Caribbean sounds. Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Aloe Blacc will also feature in the album.

The album will release on June 6, 2019. And, is available to preorder. The funds raised will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, launched in March 2019. The foundation’s efforts will be towards mental health and suicide prevention.

Avicci’s last album “Stories” released in 2015.

Avicii’s Biography

A biography on the fallen start Avicii is due next year. Penned by journalist Måns Mosesson, it is to be published by the Swedish publishing house Albert Bonniers Förlag. Mosesson promised to celebrate the life and art of a “musical visionary whose sense of melody made him beloved all over the world” while concurrently creating “an honest portrait that doesn’t shy away from the difficulties that Tim experienced”. The funds raised will be forwards to Tim’s foundation.

Here Tough Love below.

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