29th Birthday of Avicii, the legend | 8th of September’18

29th Birthday of Avicii, the legend

Today is the 8th of September, it would have been the 29th birthday of Avicii, the legend. The late legend of EDM, Tim Bergling, AVICII by the stage name. Born in 1989, the superstar passed away a few months back, on 20th April’18 in Muskat, Oman; aged 28.

The reported cause of his death was claimed to be several suicidal injuries inflicted with a broken wine bottle which consequently led to his death. It is firmly believed that he was unable to cope up with the pressure from his work front and hence, he couldn’t find peace, meaning, and happiness in his life anymore. In his documentary (link embedded below), he conveys that he will eventually die, out of the number of shows he must play daily. 900 shows in 8 years is a huge deal to start with.

Avicii was an incredible musician whose only dream was to make music and understand the meaning of life. All his songs like Broken Arrows, Wake Me Up, Hey Brother has several million views on YouTube and Spotify also conveyed the uplifting progressive melodies and the lyrics conveyed a similar message.


Firstly, Avicii was the artist who took the dance scene to a whole new level, shook the industry by storm. Secondly, he was even ranked as one of the richest EDM stars in the world. He was also the front face of Progressive. Furthermore, Avicii influenced musicians like Don Diablo, Zedd, Kygo, KSHMR (who recently released his third volume of Sounds Of KSHMR, read about it here), Arty, Nicky Romero etc.

In one of the interviews, KSHMR says that he wanted to be like Avicii because he was his fan. Likewise, the tropical music star Kygo, with hits like Firestone, Stole the show and Stargazing, says that his biggest inspiration was Avicii and that he was the only reason which forced Kygo to make music.

Arty released a tribute, a single on his passing away called “Tim”. Read about it here

In addition, Nicky Romero collaborated with Avicii to produce the dope-st track of all time, “I could be the one”, which talks about his unreleased music & the album he was working on. Read about it here

Next, Throttle revealed in one of his Instagram posts (link embedded below) that Avicii made him and his family believe in having a career in music. It was because of him that he had started his musical career. The Instagram link to the post is embedded below.

The above video shows a church paying its tribute to the legend who had spread love and happiness. A holy place paying tribute to a human is out of the world

Avicii influenced a million people’s lives. He was one in a zillion himself. His death is one of the most unfortunate losses to the industry of music. The world needed a musician like him. A true star, a true LEGEND, AVICII. 29th birthday of Avicii, wishing him only peace wherever he is!

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