Meet Aria from X:IN – The second India to achieve K-pop idol status

Aria Kpop

Aria, also known as Gauthami, has become the second Indian to achieve K-pop idol status. The K-pop artist debuted with the album “Keeping The Fire,” released on April 11, 2023. She is a member of the five-person group called X:IN. 

The multinational girl group X:IN comprises five members, including two Korean members, one Korean-Australian member, one Russian member, and Aria, who is an Indian member. 

Aria has become the second Indian to join a Korean band after Sriya Lenka, who joined the K-pop group BLACKSWAN last year. 

During a recent episode of the South Korean music program SBS Inkigayo, the band X:IN performed their song “Keeping The Fire” with Aria as one of the members. Aria received accolades from her fans following her debut performance and became the first Indian female artist to perform on Inkigayo. 

Who is Aria? 

Aria, who goes by Gauthami, debuted as the second Indian K-pop idol after BLACKSWAN’s Sriya. She was born in Kerala on March 12, 2003, and acted as Ammu in the Malayalam film Melvilasom (The Address) in 2011. Aria’s looks and nationality went viral in Korean and Chinese communities. 

Aria joined GBK Entertainment and began training on their online Universe platform, which aims to identify potential female members for a future girl group in early 2022. On November 29, 2022, GBK Entertainment announced Aria as one of the five selected members of the forthcoming girl group MEP-C. However, in early 2023, reports emerged stating that Aria left the group after GBK Entertainment removed her profile post. 

On March 8, 2023, X:IN officially confirmed Aria as their fifth and final member. Aria and Nova appeared in the line-up reveal video for the 44th K-Stage Yes or No event, where the group would perform. 

Many Indian fans are excited to see someone of their ethnicity making waves in the K-pop world and have shown their support for Aria. Aria’s stunning looks and talents are also earning her praise in Korea. 

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