Usher’s 3-second watch this dance move becomes a viral meme

Watch this Ushers 3 second move during a recent concert is the latest viral meme

Usher has become the butt of the joke with his ‘3-second watch this’ dance move at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert. The NPR Tiny Desk concert is a series in which celebrities perform live with just their band, a mic, and nothing else.

While starting the title song from his classic album, “Confessions,” Usher’s two words “watch this” gave the soon-to-be viral moment. “Confessions” helped Usher win a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Album in 2005.

During his performance, Usher looked straight into the camera and sang the song while making a hand gesture in which he covered his face with his index and middle fingers.

The 3-second move invited laughter from the crowd and soon became a viral meme, with Twitterati using it to fit every context.

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