Ukrainian Musician Plays Piano in her Bombed-Out Family Home before Fleeing Bila Tserkva [Video] 


Heartbreaking moment Ukrainian Musician plays the Piano in her Bombed-Out Family before Fleeing the City

Irina Maniukina, 48, left with her children after the city of Bila Tserkva was bombed

She was forced to flee the city she was born in after Russian forces attacked it

Before leaving, professional musician Irina played one last song on her Piano

The video was shared on to Tiktok by her daughter Karina and has gone viral

A fiercely tragic video shows a Ukrainian performer playing one final song on her Piano to say goodbye to her family home after being destroyed by a Russian bomb.

Professional musician Irina Maniukina was recorded brushing away the ashes on her grand Piano only hours after a bomb landed 30 feet from her home in Bila Tserkva, south of Kyiv.

The 48-year-old has since been compelled to escape the city she was born in after a Russian airstrike left the region in ruins on Saturday, March 5.

Mother-of-two Irina was shot taking the dark defensive covers off her white grand Piano before sitting down and cleaning away dirt and ash.

She then, at that point, continues to begin playing wonderfully before bombed-out windows and crushed trash.

The sentiment can be felt like the camera around to show debris and the remaining parts of their family home in a heartfelt moment.

Outside her neighbors stand around an enormous crater in the ground.

Irina’s girl, Karina Maniukina, shared the video on TikTok on Monday, writing: ‘ Do not judge, my mom is an expert piano player and chosen to play to let go of this case.’

The video has now gathered over 1.6 million views and more than 225,000 likes. More than 3,900 comments were left from viewers who were left heartbroken by the clip.

One anonymous user said: ‘This is absolutely incredible and heartbreaking, just so many emotions from this video!’

Bartjf said: ‘I’ve seen a lot of war footage, but this choked me up.’

Minkook Younee said: ‘I just burst into tears; this is so beautiful but also so heartbreaking.’

MurMyers Home added: ‘This is incredibly beautiful and incredibly sad at the same time.’

Speaking today, Karina said: ‘In the morning, my mother and brother went to the market, and I stood in the kitchen and made pancakes.

‘The night was quiet, and there was no siren alarm that morning.

‘I didn’t hear any sounds, and suddenly I saw an orange-black cloud to my right. Until that moment, I had not listened to any aircraft or a bomb flying.

‘After the explosion, everything was smashed and in ashes. I looked around the house and saw that a fire was starting in my brother’s room.

‘Before that, I had already called my mother, and they rushed as quickly as possible. They couldn’t drive straight to the house because the wires just lay on the road.

‘They ran into the house, and all together, we put out the fire. After that, everyone felt relieved, and my mother decided to gather her thoughts and sit down at the Piano.

‘She started playing not only to relax but to collect her thoughts and say goodbye to the house, and to remember the good moments that were in our home.

‘Since there was a lot of ash and dust in the keys and everyone was in a state of shock, she could not play for a long time.

‘Then we called our friends and acquaintances and began to clean the house from glass and damaged furniture, and also took out all the things that were left.

‘The bomb was about 10 meters from our house.’

The family has now been forced to travel 300 miles to Lviv in western Ukraine, where they have lived since Monday. Karina says the city is a ‘very quiet and peaceful place close to the Polish border.’

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