Tiesto ‘BOMB BAE’ remix is the first-ever remix of an Indian language song. Already a dance floor anthem in the Punjabi Pop scene, ‘BOMB BAE’, released in September 2019. Now accessible to global dance music fans. The remix is supported by Artist Originals (AO), JioSaavn’s in-house label for global South Asian artists. 

December 2019, Mumbai// Language and culture borders in pop and electronic music continue to blur with a remix of UK-based singer Jaz Dhami’s track ‘BOMB BAE’ by world-renowned DJ and producer, Tiesto. 

Tiesto is known for his creative collaborations and remixes, including a Grammy-winning remix of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’. Although Tiesto has toured in India three times, this is his first remix of an Indian-language song. 

“The thing I love about music is that it is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries. This is my first time remixing an Indian song, but not my last! The energy of music and dancing is all about feeling, not a language…. and this song has a great vibe and feel to it!” – Tiesto

What emotions/feelings does Dhami’s ‘BOMB BAE’ express? 

A lyrical celebration of the varied shades of love, Dhami’s ‘BOMB BAE’ captures the essence of loving and romancing in the city of Mumbai (affectionately still called Bombay). Through its fusion of Punjabi-English lyrics and R&B beats, the original track captures the ups and downs of love in the sprawling, chaotic metropolis that is Mumbai.  

How has Tiesto’s ‘BOMB BAE’ remix transformed its music for their fans? 

The emotional rollercoaster of Mumbai is not unlike the build-ups and drops of an electronic music track. Tiesto’s treatment of ‘BOMB BAE’ weaves Dhami’s lyrics into kicks, drops and 132 bpm to create a big room electronic sound that is massively popular from L.A. to Bombay. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Jaz Dhami said, “When I made ‘BOMB BAE’ I knew it was special from hearing back the first melodies that Eren, Alan and I put down. Having Tiesto on board for the remix is a treat for the EDM fans and more importantly the scene. Punjabi music has a global appeal. It’s good to see DJs like Tiesto co-singing our movement.” 

What has the Tiesto ‘BOMB BAE’ remix brought in for Jay Dhami? 

The remix of ‘BOMB BAE’ represents another step into the global spotlight for Jaz Dhami, who has established himself as a global artist with a true desi soul. He was the first South Asian artist to collaborate on the official BBC Music Launch Song, which featured 27 international artists including prominent names such as Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, One direction, Elton John and Sam Smith. 

Listen to the remix on all platforms today. 

Watch Jaz Dhami’s ‘BOMB BAE’  

What is AO all about? 

Established in 2017, Artist Originals (AO) is the in-house record label and artist development program from JioSaavn, South Asia’s largest digital music streaming service. AO provides a dedicated platform to independent artists to amplify their careers and reach new audiences across the globe with their unique brand of music. 

What sets AO apart from other record labels? 

What sets AO apart from other record labels is its focus on enabling independent artists. All associations come with non-exclusive agreements and without any long-term obligations. When collaborating with AO, artists also retain 100% creative control and can choose customized services to suit their specific requirements. The initiative’s focus on comprehensive artist development is reflected in the portfolio of services that is offers to artists – from investment, production, and publishing to distribution and promotion. AO artists are also introduced to top talent managers, booking agents, and publicists. 

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