Rapper Ice Spice shares unforgettable experience collaborating with Taylor Swift 

Ice Spice

In a recent interview on Apple Music 1 with Zane Lowe, rising rapper Ice Spice revealed the details behind her collaboration with pop superstar Taylor Swift on a remix of the track “Karma” from Taylor’s album “Midnights.” 

The 23-year-old rapper, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, shared how the unexpected opportunity to work with Taylor came about. 

“I was home, and my manager called me and was like, ‘Oh, Taylor wants you on a record.’ And I’m like, ‘Taylor?’” Ice Spice recalled, expressing her surprise and excitement at the prospect. 

Even during a challenging day, the news brought joy to the Princess Diana rapper. 

“I was having a terrible day. I was crying all morning because I was just so mad at something, and then he called me with that news,” the artist continued. “And then I cried more because it was good news.” 

Working with Taylor Swift was a fantastic experience for Ice Spice, who praised the Cruel Summer hitmaker for her down-to-earth nature. “We went to the studio, and she’s so humble and nice. I kid you not. I pulled up to the studio, and she was outside waiting for me,” Ice Spice recounted. “I’m like, ‘Why is Taylor Swift outside?’ Like, ‘Taylor, what are you doing here?’ So she’s great. She’s so funny.” 

Leaving an impact 

The collaboration left a lasting impact, as Ice Spice shared that she and Taylor now maintain regular communication. “We text all the time,” the rapper added. 

Shortly after the remix of “Karma” was released in May, Taylor surprised her fans during her Eras Tour stop in New Jersey by inviting Ice Spice as a special guest on stage. The rapper’s electrifying performance earned her an invitation to join Taylor for two additional concerts. 

Reflecting on the experience, Ice Spice expressed her excitement and amazement, saying, “Can you believe that? I did a stadium show before an arena. That was nuts. I’m not going to lie.” 

Since making her mark in the music industry in 2021, Ice Spice has been making waves with her collaborations. Apart from Taylor Swift, she has also teamed up with artists like Nicki Minaj and PinkPantheress. 

The collaboration between Ice Spice and Taylor Swift is a testament to the power of musical camaraderie and the fusion of different styles, leaving fans eager to see what the talented rapper has in store next. 

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