Meet Srushti Tawde, the MTV Hustle 2.0 rapper who has gone viral

Srushti Tawde

Srushti Tawde, the name on everybody’s lips these days, has gone viral on social media platforms because of her rap. On MTV’s rap reality series Hustle 2.0, rapper Srushti Tawde performs ‘Main Nahi Toh Kaun’ in a video that has been doing the rounds. Her raw performance and rap lyrics have astonished and amused the netizens.

The viral video features Srushti Tawde performing the rap in multiple languages. She makes fun of herself and even makes fun of the competitors, but she claims that was a shoutout and not a diss.

She also pays tribute to Badshah’s party songs, Saturday Saturday, and DJ Wale Babu. She also refers to her Chhota Don and Chilla Kinda Guy viral raps.

Srushti must get credit for making MTV program Hustle 2.0 a big trend. Srushti is stunning everyone on the show with her swag and pounding rap, with the show’s judge, Badshah, also praising her.


Srushti Tawde, born in 2000, wanted to become a rapper-singer even though she liked poetry and would eventually become a poet. Srushti Tawde has always loved writing and reading poetry.

Her swagger and bold, smokey lyrics have everyone in awe. She is from Mumbai and has a large Instagram following, where she has previously used rap to mock Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev.

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