Spotify Stops Funding Program for Greenroom Live App 

Spotify Shuts Down Greenroom Creator Fund Amid Live Audio Rebrand

Spotify, the music streaming giant, has shut down the funding program for the Greenroom Live App. Earlier this month, Spotify rebranded the Greenroom App as Spotify Live for its live audio creators. 

In June last year, Spotify launched the Greenroom Live app to connect fans and creators deeper through live listening in its ecosystem. Greenroom allowed users to stream live conversations with celebrities, influencers, and other creators and paid them weekly. Spotify had mentioned that a creator’s audience size and how their content was consumed would factor into the payments. 

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the funding program never took off. Other media reports claim that the Swedish company has sent emails to creators about shutting down the Greenroom live creator fund. 

The Spotify spokesperson has said that the Greenroom funding will be shifted towards “other initiatives for live creators.” 

“Spotify Live can now be found both as the stand-alone app listeners, and hosts know and love, and as a Livestream function in the Spotify app alongside your favorite music and podcasts,” Spotify stated while rebranding Greenroom to Spotify Live earlier this month. 

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