Famous K-Pop Group ‘Seventeen’ Announces Immersive “Power of Love” Online Concerts

Famous K-Pop Group ‘Seventeen’ Announces Immersive “Power of Love” Online Concerts

K-pop superstars Seventeen announced the upcoming ‘Power of Love’ online concert on Wednesday (27 Oct). The first two shows will take place on Nov 14 and Nov 21 and will be their first concert in almost 10 months.  

They will showcase tracks and performances from their 2021 Power of Love Project, including tracks from their Billboard chart topping EP ‘Your Choice’ as well as their latest EP Attacca.  

In a recent interview with Billboard, the group opened up about their quick return after ‘Your Choice’. “We are not taking any breaks” Hoshi said. with S Coups adding: “We worked even harder since we’re not able to meet everyone in person right now. We wanted to connect more frequently, at least through our music.”   

“We’re very glad that we’re able to show our continuous growth and we’re so thankful to our CARATs who made all this possible,” Mingyu said about Attacca. 

Both shows will be broadcast live and will be organized around the themes of power and love. In addition to a diverse setlist, they also promised that the gigs will feature three ‘concept screens’ that will give the viewer a four-screen immersive experience. 

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