Rita Ora’s new album: A personal diary turned into songs 

Rita Ora

Rita Ora, the acclaimed pop star, has unveiled her latest album ‘You and I’ as a deeply personal journey reflecting her life and love affair with her husband, Taika Waititi. The singer described the collection of songs as akin to a diary, intimately chronicling her experiences and emotions. 

Released earlier this month, ‘You and I’ marks Ora’s third studio album. In an exclusive interview with Tatler magazine, she revealed that this record represents her most authentic and unfiltered work. The tracks delve into her path toward happiness, giving fans an insight into her innermost thoughts and feelings. 

“My first album [2012’s ‘Ora’] set the tone, and the second [2018 record ‘Phoenix’] was an intensified version of the first. It was me trying to hit all the marks and impress. Trying to be this pop star by the book. 

“But I never really was by the book. I was never on the safe side, which made my fans back me’. So the third album is a real diary, almost. A diary turned into songs.” 

Rita Ora’s admiration for Jennifer Lopez 

Throughout her decade-spanning career, Rita Ora has embraced versatility, showcasing her talents not only in music but also in acting and as a judge on the UK reality TV show ‘The Voice.’ In the interview, Ora revealed her admiration for her role model, Jennifer Lopez, who has inspired her to navigate different avenues in the entertainment industry. 

“A lot of people who started at the same time as me are not still doing it … I always try to find little corners and cracks that work for me. And that comes from my inspiration, which growing up was Jennifer Lopez – women who were expected not to do as well as they have done. The underdogs,” Ora expressed. 

As ‘You and I’ continues to captivate listeners with its intimate storytelling and heartfelt melodies, Rita Ora solidifies her position as an artist who fearlessly embraces her true self, defying conventions and expectations in pop music. 

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