Rita Ora credits Jennifer Lopez as her childhood inspiration: A tribute to overcoming odds and longevity 

Rita Ora

In a candid and heartfelt revelation, Rita Ora, the celebrated British singer/songwriter, has opened up about her formative years and the influential figure who paved the way for her impressive career. In an exclusive interview with Tatler, Ora, 32, shared that none other than the iconic Jennifer Lopez held the position of her most significant “inspiration” during her upbringing. 

Ora, who has garnered worldwide recognition for her chart-topping hits and enduring presence in the music industry, spoke passionately about her journey, attributing a substantial part of her success to the indelible mark left by Lopez. 

Reflecting on her accomplishments and growth, Ora expressed her pride in her professional achievements, particularly her string of hit songs and her remarkable longevity throughout her career. “I’d really like to acknowledge that,” she affirmed with conviction. 

With a career that has persevered beyond the trajectory of many of her contemporaries, Ora credited the “underdogs” as the driving force behind her persistence and adaptability. 

She remarked, “A lot of people who started at the same time as me are not still doing it… I always try to find little corners and little cracks that work for me.” 

‘The Underdogs’ –

Elaborating on her tenacity, Ora unveiled the inspiration that ignited her determination, harkening back to her admiration for Jennifer Lopez. She drew parallels between Lopez’s journey and her own, highlighting the shared narratives of women who defied expectations and emerged triumphant despite the odds stacked against them. 

“And that comes from my inspiration, which growing up was Jennifer Lopez – women who were expected not to do as well as they have done. The underdogs.” 

Ora’s journey to fame commenced in 2012, catapulted into the limelight with her feature on DJ Fresh’s chart-topping single “Hot Right Now,” which swiftly claimed the number one spot in the U.K. music charts. The same year marked the release of her debut album, aptly titled “Ora.” 

In her revelation, Rita Ora not only paid homage to her own accomplishments but also acknowledged the pivotal role that trailblazers like Jennifer Lopez play in inspiring and empowering young talents to carve their own paths to success. As Ora continues to make her mark on the music industry, her tribute stands as a testament to the enduring impact of legendary figures who pave the way for future generations. 

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