Space Mom Rezz to unveil her collaboration with Deadmau5 soon


Rezz and deadmau5 make Rezzmau5 official by collaborating sooner than you’re anticipating.

Isabelle Rezazadeh, better known as Rezz is without a doubt one of the best and in-demand artist right now. Amicably given the name of ‘Space Mom’, this 22-years-old is reigning every top ranking dance music list. She has played at some of the biggest festivals including UMF & Coachella. Her debut album Mass Manipulation a massive milestone in her career.

Below is the SoundCloud link to her channel. Do hear!

Rezz who once worked as a ‘rave girl volunteer’ at EDC and other major festivals, proved that nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves. Popularly known for her hypnotic sets, and attending her set should be a MUST on your ‘to-do’ list. Because the crowd really gets gazing when she starts casting her spells. Here’s a video below, have a look.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman or Deadmau5, known for his variety of styles within the progressive house, is Rezz’s godfather. For the people who do not know, Rezz and her sounds were immensely supported by deadmau5 which helped her take her work before the world. She was recently awarded the  Billboard Dance Breakout Artist of the Year.

REZZ has been quite inflexible about the confirmation of a collaboration with deadmau5. Rather, she’s been comforting fans with “will happen, in due time” statements. But now, it seems as if the two may actually release the collaboration soon, after sending the internet into a frenzy with a screenshot of a private conversation. Find the link to the conversation here.

Therefore, confirming that the Rezz and Deadmau5 or Rezmau5 collaboration is happening for definite.

Rezz also took to her Instagram with a short clip that showed her playing one of her projects in the hi-tech deadmau5 spaceship studio. Check out her post below.

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