PnB Rock shot dead at LA restaurant during a robbery attempt


The Philadelphia rapper & singer Rakeem Hasheem Allen, known by his stage name PnB Rock was shot dead during a robbery in South LA restaurant Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles on September 12.

Rock was primarily famous for his single hit “Selfish” in 2016.

According to LA police Captain Kelly Muniz, the shooter flourished a gun where Rock was having dinner and asked the rapper for the items, targeting his jewelry. Without taking much time, the attacker shot Rock almost immediately while the robbery was being attempted. Police found Rock with multiple gunshot wounds.

PnB Rock, 30, was dining with his girlfriend, who posted a picture on her Instagram with a tagged location (now deleted) before the heinous crime was committed.

In a public statement, LAPD mentioned a “shooting investigation” including a Black male victim, which later was confirmed & declared a homicide.

The LA police Capt. Kelly Muniz said, “He shot the victim and ran out the side door to a getaway car and then fled the parking lot.”

According to LA Times, Rock was admitted to the hospital but was declared dead. TMZ claimed the shooter took all his jewelry before escaping the crime scene.

The LAPD police department investigated the case on Monday night by going through all the security cameras in the restaurant and surrounding areas to identify the shooter or find out how he left the scene, even though Muniz refused to give away any information after examining the security videos.

His death has become an ongoing & disturbing trend of killing rap artists, “follow home” robberies, and other violent incidents.

Recently, Rock did an interview with Akademiks talking about an attempted robbery incident. Akademiks tweeted, “Wow.. this PNB Rock situation is crazy. I interviewed him a week ago, and he detailed how someone recently tried to rob him in LA while he was out with his girlfriend and daughter. Now.. this.. smh. We truly hope he gets justice. Pray for PNB Rock.”

The music industry has condoled the death of PnB Rock and paid moving tributes..

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