Ranbir Kapoor Reacts To Kesariya Trolls, Says He’s In Awe Of ‘Love Storiyan’ Part


Actor Ranbir Kapoor reacted to the trolls after ‘Kesariya’ became a meme fest soon after the song’s release. Kesariya, released on July 17, became a butt of all jokes when fans found the ‘Love Storiyan’ part in the track a little out of place, sparking a meme fest on social media.

Kesariya is from the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer Brahmastra Part One: Shiva,’ hitting the silver screen on September 9, 2022.

“It’s up to the audience how they want to receive the song. As filmmakers and artists, we create something, and it is up to the audience to receive it how they do. We are very excited about the song; it has received a lot of love as long as people enjoy the song, Pritam’s music, Arijit singing, Alia, and my chemistry. That’s what the endeavor is. By the way, I loved the ‘love storiyan’ bit,” Ranbir Kapoor told India.com.

Meanwhile, director Ayan Mukerji explained what made him stick with the “Love Storiyan” part in the song.

“We put it with a lot of love and found it very interesting. We did not find it like elaichi in biryani. We thought it was a twist like bahut shakkar me thoda namak jab aata hai, uska ek maza, ek swaad hai (it’s not like a cardamon in biryani, it’s like salt amid too much sugar, it has its taste). Because the film is a modern film and the lyrics of the song are so traditional and simple, this would have been a fun twist. I still feel that in some time, people will start enjoying it even more,” Ayan Mukerji said in a video.

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