Pop Basel returns with 100+ emerging artists from around the world

Pop Basel

Pop Basel presents its 5th edition featuring over 100 emerging creatives and artists from around the world, showcasing the highest quality of modern contemporary work and the latest entertainment trends.

The event will take place on September 3 and 4 and will mark the 5th anniversary of Pop Basel. Pop Basel curates emerging creatives each year, introducing rising stars through art exhibitions, vendors markets, and live music performances during a two-day event.

Although the event is centered around art and independent brands, guests will have the ability to interact with live DJs, performance artists, and brands from stage to merchandise tables, giving attendees a unique twist of entertainment. It has become a go-to for emerging artists, brands, and collectors as it highlights many disciplines, which ignite the exhibition hall.

Pop Basel Con was founded in 2017 by William “King Pop” Floyd. He is most notably known for his art and design featured on film and products such as Rap Snacks, Black Lighting, The Originals, and several other celebratory works.

“I created Pop Basel to fill a void for many small businesses and creatives like myself, who are not presented with many opportunities to showcase their work in front of audiences that celebrate their work,” said William Floyd. “We are excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary of providing creatives with reliable resources that help growth.”

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