Paolo Nutini Announces Release Date For Album ‘Last Night In the Bittersweet’

Paolo Nutini Announces Release Date For Album Last Night In the Bittersweet

Paolo Nutini has announced his new album ‘Last Night In the Bittersweet’ will be released on July 1, his first since 2014’s Caustic Love.

On Wednesday (May 11, 2022), Nutini released two new songs, ‘Through The Echoes’ and ‘Lose It.’

“Last Night In The Bittersweet. New album, out July 1. Pre-order the album and listen to Through The Echoes and Lose It now,” the 35-year-old singer wrote on Instagram.

‘Last Night In the Bittersweet’ is described as a 70-minute epic covering everything “from classic rock to post-punk.”

“Paolo has spent so long working on this new music that he has been extra hands-on in making sure everything is completely perfect,” a source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column.

“He cares so much about the songs and wants to give his fans, who have waited years for new music, the best experience possible. Paolo was insistent that only a handful of people in his inner circle listened to the songs before they were released. And hardly anyone has heard the album yet,” the source added.

The insider further revealed that Nutini “is a very private person and wasn’t going to risk anything leaking at the last moment. Things have been kept under lock and key for months, but now he is finally ready to release it.”

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