Noel Gallagher reveals plan to ‘annihilate’ shoe-throwing gig-goer during Oasis era 

Noel Gallagher

In a candid interview with Dermot O’Leary on ‘BBC Reel Stories,’ Noel Gallagher, former guitarist and chief songwriter of the iconic Britpop band Oasis, opened up about a shocking incident involving a shoe being thrown at his brother Liam Gallagher, the band’s frontman. Noel disclosed that he and Liam had once plotted to seek revenge on the culprit, waiting for someone with a missing shoe to exit the venue after the gig. 

Noel recalled the incident, “I remember one gig when somebody hit Liam in the head with a shoe. Liam had the shoe, and I remember we’d come off stage, just waiting at the front door for this guy to walk past with one shoe. We were going to annihilate him.” 

When Nearly Every Gig Ended in a Fight 

Noel, now 56 years old, revealed that being hit by objects on stage frequently occurred during Oasis performances, often resulting in black eyes and nose injuries. To protect himself, he resorted to wearing sunglasses for around six months. 

“Nearly every gig that we did ended in a fight or a brawl in the crowd,” Noel recalled. “I wore sunglasses for about six months, and it was always because I had a black eye or a busted nose.” 

Fans turning hostile 

The musician also shared an incident where he struck a fan with a guitar after the individual turned hostile towards him during a live performance in Newcastle, which was being broadcast on the radio. 

Noel and Liam, who haven’t spoken since the band split in 2009 following a backstage altercation during their final concert in France, maintain a strained relationship. 

Noel expressed that they might have gotten along better if they weren’t siblings. 

“There was never a point in Oasis where we were all getting on,” Noel admitted. “If Liam wasn’t my brother, we’d have probably got on better. The fact that me and him were brothers, it only really meant that we could say things to each other that no one else could say. But I would never put my arm around him and say, ‘You might want to do this, you might want to do that’ because he’s not the kind of guy that you can reason with.” 

The revelation from Noel Gallagher provides a glimpse into the intense dynamics within Oasis during their heyday, offering fans and music enthusiasts a deeper understanding of the band’s tumultuous history. 

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