K-Pop sensation NewJeans smashes Guinness World Record for Spotify streams

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NewJeans has broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest K-pop act to hit one billion streams on Spotify. The group comprises of comprising Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. 

As of March 8, the girl group’s six songs, including their most-streamed hit ‘OMG’ with 320 million streams, achieved the milestone in just 219 days, beating the previous record set by BLACKPINK star Lisa and BTS member Jungkook. Lisa’s record was 411 days, while Jungkook’s record was 409 days on March 27. 

They have charted on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 with two of their songs, “Ditto” at No. 82 and “OMG” at No. 74. Additionally, they have a total of six songs available on Spotify, including “Attention,” “Hurt,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” “Zero,” and “OMG.” 

The girl’s label teased the release of a new album this summer, following the news of their Guinness World Record. The upcoming collection, which the band finished in early April, is expected to offer something “new and unique” for their fans. 

“It was actually yesterday that they finished recording for the new album that is scheduled to be released this summer,” Min Hee Jin, executive producer/CEO of NewJeans’ label ADOR, told Billboard. 

“I wanted to break the stereotype that only certain styles of music would be able to succeed in the so-called mainstream industry. In the albums going forward, NewJeans will continue to strive to present something new and unique to exceed the expectations of their fans. NewJeans members keep growing and growing, and we can’t wait to surprise the world again.” 

New Music 

After collaborating with Coca-Cola on their latest single ‘Zero’, the girls announced the upcoming album. In an earlier statement, Danielle mentioned that fans should keep an open mind toward their new music. 

“I want our listeners to be open-minded to new music and have them listen to things that maybe they haven’t heard before. You can always find what you really like by trying new things and challenging yourself,” Danielle told NME. 

Minji dropped hints that their new tunes will explore a variety of genres. 

“I think pulling R’n’B and hip-hop together, a little bit pop and you know, New Jersey club, mixing the genres into one song gives a more unique kind of sound. 

“So to try [mix more genres] in the future, I think that would be really fun.” 

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