Nelly Furtado delights fans with highly anticipated music comeback 

Nelly Furtado

After a five-year hiatus, singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado has made a triumphant return to the music scene, treating her fans to a taste of her upcoming album with the release of her latest single, “Eat Your Man,” produced by Dom Dolla. The hypnotic club anthem not only marks Furtado’s musical comeback but also pays homage to some of her most beloved hits, including the iconic “Maneater.” 

In an interview with Variety, Furtado shared her excitement about her return and shed light on the creative process behind her upcoming album. She expressed her dedication to crafting new music over the past year, emphasizing her love for late-night sessions, creative freedom, and collaborative efforts within the music community. 

The album promises a pop sound influenced by the genres and sounds that resonate with Furtado, including a dance-infused track produced in collaboration with SG Lewis and a vibrant Bomba Estereo song produced by T-Minus, whom she praised as a phenomenal talent. Additionally, Furtado revealed her admiration for producer Wonda Gurl, highlighting their joint effort on one of her favorite tunes, inspired by Wonda Gurl’s infectious energy. 

“I have been making new music solid, nonstop for the last year the way I like to: late nights, space to create wildly, and loads of community and collaboration,” Nelly told Variety. 

“I am making a pop album influenced by sounds that I love. My album touches on dance — I did a record with SG Lewis that I adore. T-Minus produced my Bomba Estereo song. T-Minus is a beast! I am proud of that record. One of my favorite tunes is produced by Wonda Gurl – I love her energy.” 

Nelly Furtado credits Drake for encouraging her to make a comeback 

The 44-year-old Canadian artist also credited fellow Canadian superstar Drake, who invited her to perform as a surprise guest at his All-Canadian North Stars event in Toronto last summer, for motivating her to embrace her legacy and reaffirming her value in the music industry. 

Their profound conversations about life and art resonated with Furtado, prompting her to heed Drake’s advice to “boss up” and embark on a new chapter of her career. Fueled by a newfound sense of gratitude and passion, Furtado eagerly embraced the opportunity to return to the stage and create fresh music, fully immersing herself in her profession once again. 

“I have more gratitude nowadays so I know how blessed I am to be a performer and creator… I’m really leaning into my profession. I met Drake a year ago and we had some deep conversations about life and art and he blew up my head reminding me what a valuable artist I am and told me to ‘boss up’ and make new music, and I listened. So, I couldn’t say no when he invited me on stage, I had to be brave and boss up and start the next chapter,” she said. 

Fans and music enthusiasts eagerly await Nelly Furtado’s upcoming album, excited to witness her artistic evolution and the unique blend of sounds and styles that have shaped her remarkable career. 

With her musical prowess and renewed determination, Furtado’s comeback promises to be a resounding success, cementing her status as a treasured and influential artist in the industry. 

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