If BTS can do it, there’s no reason I or any other South Asian artists can’t’ says Tesher


The rapper-singer, whose real name is Hitesh Sharma a.k.a Tesher was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. His parents moved to Canada from Punjab with him. Canadian-Indian musician Tesher is known for his singles “Old Town Road vs Ramta Jogi”,  

 “Young Shahrukh” and “Jalebi Baby”. He thinks and hopes that his songs should have give an universal appeal and reflect both the cultures (Indian and Canadian) he grew up.  

Tesher calls himself “fully Canadian” but at the same time, he is proud of his Indian heritage. 

“I am fully Canadian. I was born in Canada. My parents are from India, we spoke Hindi, Punjabi, watched movies and attended Indian functions. But at the same time, I had a good grasp of Western society as well. You should embrace both cultures, you need to find your balance,” Says Tesher in an interview. 

He further adds, 

“I am from two worlds, so it makes sense that I make music for both. I want to be able to go to India and maybe make a string of Bollywood songs. And then, go to America and make a song with like J Balvin or something”.  

With digital spacing up in every sector he truly believes that gone are the days when artists were looking for fame and recognition in the US. With so much development in digital development, just like other artists and musicians Tesher also believes that musicians can get the best of both worlds if they know the right technique of publishing thier work on platforms.  

“Anytime we had an Indian artist blow up in America, they usually had to fully go the Western route, but I think people’s tastes have evolved so that they don’t have to categorise it in the world of music anymore. I think a pop artist in America can be an artist that sings not only in Hindi, but Punjabi, English, Spanish and all different kinds of languages.”…. is what he speaks about.  

Tesher gave the example of BTS, the K-pop group that found a die-hard fan following in the US as well as in other countries with their music. 

“Jalebi Baby”, is his latest song with American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo that has made waves on social media. 

The song is the reprised Hollywood version of Bollywood’s popular item number, “Jalebi Bai” from the 2011 film Double Dhamaal. 

PS: Tesher loves the Indian sweet ”Jalebi” and that’s how he thought of making a fun song around it. 

Indeed music can create bonds between two worlds.  

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