MM Keeravaani voices concerns about the state of the Indian music industry 


Renowned music composer MM Keeravaani, who recently clinched an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2023, has expressed his concerns about the current state of the Indian music industry. Known for his contributions that have propelled Indian music onto the international stage, Keeravaani voiced his disappointment over the industry’s heavy reliance on filmmakers to reach a broader audience. 

In a recent interview, the musical maestro emphasized the significance of independent musicians and their essential role in the industry’s growth. 

Keeravaani lamented, “In India, music is still very much about movies, and music artists are dependent on filmmakers for their work to reach a wider audience. At the end of the day, it all depends on a film’s success. If the film is a hit, the songs will do well. They do not shine on their own, which is disappointing. We need more and more independent musicians.” 

“One does music, the other writes lyrics, a third person sings, the fourth arranges it, and another features in it. And the one featured in the video is mostly a film star or a popular actor from any medium. That’s not the case internationally,” Keeravaani added. 

He pointed out a stark contrast with the international music scene: “In other countries, one individual often handles everything, from writing to composing the entire track, and they frequently become the face of the music video as well. That’s why artists globally enjoy a substantial fan base, and people recognize them easily. However, in India, we lack music stars; instead, we have playback singers. This situation is not conducive to the growth of independent musicians.” 

MM Keeravaani, also known as MM Kreem, is a highly acclaimed Indian music composer and playback singer. While primarily associated with the Telugu and Hindi film industries, his influence has extended to other Indian film sectors. 

With a career spanning several decades, he has made significant contributions to the Indian music industry. He has been honored with prestigious awards, including an Academy Award for ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the blockbuster film RRR. Keeravaani’s work is acclaimed for its versatility and innovation, and he continues to inspire the next generation of musicians. 

Keeravaani’s insights shed light on the evolving landscape of the Indian music industry and the need for greater recognition and opportunities for independent musicians. 

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